Aladinma Foundation

Our Mission Statement

"We have been awoken from our slumber."


"We now stand on the mountaintop and we say never again would we be found wanting."


"We must be our brothers and sister’s keeper."


"We must assist our brethren, families, neighbors and all mankind in any way we can.”


The Aladinma foundation takes a stand and vows to alleviate and tackle poverty, improve, the quality of life for members of the Nwaturuocha clan (and celebrate their heritage), the Umuanuma community, Aboh Mbaise/all neighboring Local Government areas, Imo State, Nigeria as a country and Africa as a continent.


The Aladinma foundation will assist all mankind wherever we find a need cutting across raising levels of literacy/education, tackle all manner of poverty and its root cause, sickness, malnutrition and many more


This foundation is open to a select group and by invitation only, but please contact us for donations and we will provide regular updates on our projects through our website very frequently.


- Aladinma Foundation April 2019.


For media relations, donations and more information, contact us at