Aladinma Foundation

Second-Tier Trustees

Tamekia Jernigan

US Navy Veteran


  • BA  Degree in Applied Mathematics - UCLA.


  • BA Degree in Communicative Disorders - CSULA.


  • Acquired skillset in the last 20 years as a Supervisor/Manager, Business Development Manager and Hearing Specialist lead.


  • A former combatant member of the US Navy, serving as Petty Officer with excellent communication, team working, numeracy, leadership, management and the ability to work independently or supervised as relevant.


  • Director/Hearing Aid Consultant who co-founded a start up Hearing Services Consultancy Practice in partnership with a seasoned business mentor & guide.


  • Tamekia is also someone who exhibits a selfless love for humankind. She thrives by being of service to others and is determined to make a positive impact to those in need. As a natural protector, Tamekia resolves to use her influence for the defense of the unfortunate and weak and for the annul of those denying human beings of their natural rights.

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